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- Expressing the Music of the Soul in the frequencies of the New Earth!
- An Alchemy & Celebration of Spiritual Unity!
JOIN US! On Wednesday, May 14’ 14, 6-7:30 pm, at Cosmic Heart Gallery – Mumbai
Our Ceremony is a space created to :
  •  Enable us to make the transition from this Polarized Consciousness (Duality) into the New Earth of
     Oneness, rooted in the Heart!
  •  Help us integrate 5th Dimensional crystalline energy, bring in the ‘Age of Aquarius’ & create the 5th world of       Light!
  •   Receive the new light dispensations received by Earth on WESAK 2014
Connect with the WESAK ENERGIES at our CEREMONY of CONSCIOUS AWAKENING with a group gathered to:
Anchor spiritual energy, bless mother Earth, ourselves, our family & friends, our work & projects…
Bless all the systems in the world so that they may operate from the perspective of the highest good of all.
We work around a crystal alter in the centre of our Human Circle, with the intent to download & create an amplified Vortex of Light
  •  Around the crystals, we honor the 4 directions and the elements they represent (with the intent for       merger!).
  •   Grounding & Attuning
  •   Connecting to our core essence with a spiral meditation
  •   Invoking & Celebrating with Sound….raising our vibration, enabling us to express the Music of the Soul… &       experiencing the Light that we are! :)


'...these ancient relics are said to contain information about the history of our planet and the future of mankind. Carved out of pure quartz crystal, and other crystals such as jade, the Skulls generate an energy field that activates human consciousness in a way that expands our perceptions of reality.
Ultimately they are the manifestation of Spirit in a form that is now helping to shift the magnetic frequency of Mother Earth.
When the Spirits of the Skulls are ceremonially awakened, ancient wisdom, wisdom that has been preserved in a crystalline matrix for eons, enters the unified field and fills the collective consciousness with all the knowledge, of everything that has happened on the planet in the last 26,000 years and perhaps beyond...'
The lunar cycle is a wave of creation that comes to fruition when the Moon is full. Each Full Moon brings revelation and possibility for healing body, mind, and soul. The Moon is the Mother whence comes reflected Light of the spiritual Sun to nurture, support, protect, and bring to flower the seeds of creation.
The Wesak Full Moon Meditation is a very Sacred Event for your Soul and subtle bodies. It is a priceless opportunity that comes once a year for your Soul to bathe in Blessings that our human minds have yet to comprehend.
“Wesak is the single greatest event o our Planet,
& the one that has the greatest effect upon Humanity.
No cost is too great in order to be of use        
to the Spiritual Hierarchy at the time of the WESAK festival.
No price is too high in order to gain the spiritual illumination
which can be possible, particularly at that time.
-  Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
Join us to immerse yourself into this downpour of divine energy! :)
This is a night for the healing facilitators to receive a regeneration of energy to assist in their work, for the teachers to receive guidance and the tools to assist others, for the seed carriers to awaken to their full potential, and each of us to join together as one collective vision of light to assist in healing the fractured circle of the cosmic web that joins us all together.
Allow yourself to connect with this year's Wesak blessings. Set your intention to receive fully from this season. Surround yourself with others who, like you, are on the path of enlightenment. Decide today to accelerating your awakening - opening to all that you can be and helping to create a loving world.
Prior registration is a must!
  •   Bring All of 'You'! Empty your personality out and surrender to this light
  •   Bring along a musical instrument (Drums, rattles, ghungroos, daflis, dhols, bongos, singing bowl, bells...)         & create your own music!
  •   Bring along your personal crystals that you may want to re-charge or whose frequency you may want to         amplify
  •   Invite your friends to add to this Divine Symphony!
Date:  Wed, May 15, 2014 WESAK Full Moon
Duration:  6 – 7:30 pm (registrations at 545pm)
Venue:  Cosmic Heart Gallery, G-2a Court Chambers, Gr Flr, 35 New Marine Lines,
 Mumbai 20.
Energy Exchange Rs 900/- per participant
Refreshments will be served!
IMP! - Prior registration is required!
Name, Mobile no, Email id to +91 8080 335577
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WESAK 2014
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updates on the 'ongoing evolution of human consciousness'.
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