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Redikall Healing© - Workshop
A 2 day workshop in association with The INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF LIFE
Objectives of the workshop:
•  To understand the effects of thoughts on our energy system
•  To accurately assess the energy flow in the major and minor chakras (approximately 60+ chakras are     covered over the 2 days) with the help of a crystal pendulum
•  To diagnose the imbalance in the energy body with the help of the crystal pendulum and co-relate that with     the incongruous thought process
•  To use chakra reading to assess the efficacy of the suggested affirmation
•  To use chakra reading to learn the core thought process behind organizations, relationships, projects or     individuals
•   To apply the principles of energy in space energy management
Additional Benefits of Redikall Healing:
•  Learn health enhancement and techniques for instant pain relief
•  Gain greater emotional balance
•  Understand relationship dynamics at a personal and professional level
•  Get an insight / explanation into the reason of why things happen things happen the way they do Reshape     your career, financial and professional life.
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