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Lotus Sutra Design
Lotus Sutra is an exclusive line of jewellery created for Cosmic Heart Gallery.
Earth Minerals, Sacred Symbols and Inspired Design - Our pieces are a blend of higher frequencies of the Earth & the Cosmos, infused with energy nutrients that blossom hearts & awaken consciousness to metaphysical dimensions.
This collection is inspired by the Lotus Flower which draws its magic from the elements of Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Spirit...interwoven with sacred powers from beyond time & space. Each piece is energised with Reconnective Healing® frequencies.
Lotus Sutra is the alchemical creation of four soul sisters!
Jalpa, Raksha, SImi & Toral
» Raksha & Simi bring with them 20 years of experience in jewellery design, crafting exclusive art pieces of precious metals and gem stones, each customised for the wearer.
» Toral is traveller in life, time & consciousness, heading JTB Travels servicing customised travel since 15 years and, the founder of ISHAYAS which is dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, ascension and evolutionary fulfillment of our planet.
» Jalpa, having birthed Cosmic Heart Gallery offers the ideal space for housing these exclusive sacred creations.
Jalpa & Toral are both practioners of Reconnective Healing© & The Reconnection©.
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