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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a light touch therapy which enables the practioner to orient to and listen to the expression of Health in the body. This work is based on the principle that Health is always present and BCST supports and facilitates the expression of Health in the system.
Our work in non-intrusive and non-interventional. The wisdom of the body knows more than anyone of us can ever cognitively ‘know’. We wait for the body to show its forces of self-correction and allow them to emerge. Thus, the Biodynamic approach is one of inquiry, not fixing. 
There are forces of information constantly coming into and going out of the body. Part of the autonomic function of the body is self-regulation as these forces interact in the individual and in the unified field. This process of self-regulation is akin to a balanced and harmonious dance between opposing forces. In the centre of these we have equilibrium or homeostasis, where Health and well-being – natural Neutral processes – can express themselves.
Once we understand that the force of Health is always directing towards self-regulation, we see that all that is required is a settling into our own ever-present Health. It is when we move out of our centre and the body forgets how to self-regulate, that the life force cannot express fully and dis-eases occur.
BCST supports the clients system to self-regulate, enabling it to bring about balance and harmony as a whole and particularly within the central nervous system.
Shunyata! Into the Eternal Neutral!
This place of warmth and compassion,

A stable centre where spaciousness abounds
Grounded in itself while conversing with health,
In this work of love, presence witnesses everything around.

The force of health and well-being,

The alpha and the omega, the beginning and the ending.
A balance point between opposing and polarized forces,
When electricity and magnetism earth in the body.

From here creation sprouts, out of the emptiness,

Yet this is the doorway into stillness!
A plane where all that is perceivable emerges,

Where everything becomes the zero, which is the whole.
Self-regulation, homeostasis or neutral opens the doorway for a BCST practioner to access the expression of the life force in a system and to Stillness – the all permeating Field from where the forces emerge.
The forces of creation & health which are ever-present are continually renewing repairing and replenishing us, as they strive to maintain the integrity of our original matrix. In BCST, as we orient to these forces and to Stillness, reminding the body of Health & Home, the forces of self-correction in the system of the client can dissolve long held patterns of tension and disturbance in a gentle and non-invasive manner.
“Your body has a unique ‘pattern’, a template of perfect health. Imagine tapping into the ‘Personal Blueprint’ and allowing IT to return to a state of Wholeness." – Charles Ridley
Breathing our Living Blueprint
Forces of Life birth from the Universal force field,

The boundless ocean of un-manifested potency!
From this boundless being rises the Breath of Life,
Allowing our becoming from formless to form!

We are but microcosms of the unified whole,

When stirred by the impulse, life sprints!
Oceans of potency expressing in perfect order and direction,
A manifest consciousness of the universal living blueprint!

As the spirit of the Creator moves upon the face of the waters,

Opposites fuse to create new life.
Cells multiply in universal wholeness,
The flower blooms, creating life to fruition!
In the work of Craniosacral Biodynamics, we are orienting to the client as a unified whole. As we listen to Health in the system with our hands, we are in touch with the ‘cranio-sacral’ system of the body, which consists of the cranium (the head), the spine, all the way to the sacrum bone (at the base of the spine), including all their anatomical connections. The work is holistic & integrative and a means of inner development that is constantly igniting consciousness. The treatment stems from the very core of the body, from inside out, from the Field to the form, reaching all aspects of the clients ‘being’ – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
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