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Shifting Gears into a New Frequency of life
Everything is energy. You, Me, our Thoughts, Feelings, the World, Environment, our Experiences…
The entire universe is graded on a scale of frequency from zero-infinity and the only difference between all of us is the ‘frequency’ at which we vibrate; and if such is the case, we all have the power to change the frequency of all our experiences!
Before we ‘flip the picture’ we need to ‘let go’ of the ‘toxicity & triggers’ attached to our current life.
‘Awakening to ALCHEMY’ is a day when we introduce and share a number of techniques which can be used to ‘let go’ of all that is unwanted (release dense frequencies) and make way for the new energies and higher frequencies to integrate in us.
The techniques will help you to release triggers you have attached to people & situations in your life. 
eg. “When I look at him my ‘blood boils’”.
The person is the same, the feeling of ‘blood boils’ is a trigger in you, which you have created in association with that person. And this feeling only affects you.
To learn different ways to free yourself from the zits, zats, triggers, dense emotions, emotional toxicity created in the past,
To let go of the dense and make may for a high quality life with high quality thoughts, emotions, experiences,
Join us at ‘Awakening to ALCHEMY’
Event Facilitator:
Toral is a student of Life! She is a Certified and Trained Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection® practitioner; Is a Qualified Teacher with The Diana Cooper School (UK) for Golden Atlantis and a Past Life Regression Therapist & Hypnotherapist
Click Here to read more about Toral
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