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'Integrating – Mind, Body & Spirit'
‘Buddha’ is a ‘way of living’, in an ‘awakened’ form.
‘Awakening’ is a day when you can allow yourself to step back and take a look at ‘the larger picture’ of life v/s focusing on one piece of the puzzle that we struggle to fit into a picture we still do not see!
When we understand & experience how everything is simply energy, including –Us, our Thoughts, our Feelings & everything we Experience…
We also then understand that while energy cannot be destroyed, it can be transmuted into a higher experiences – Me, Thought, Feeling and Experience!
Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. ‘Awakening’ facilitates the Transformation of Self to creating a desired reality, through Mind Detoxification and Expansion of Consciousness with - regular meditation practices, breathwork, simple energisation exercises and a better understanding of the metaphysical world
Learn all of this at ‘Awakening’ - a full-day workshop brought to you by ISHAYAS, which focuses on the ‘Integration of Mind-Body-Spirit’ energy dynamics. This day is designed with a passionate belief and conviction that every human is endowed with - vast potential, abundant energy & the answers to all questions.
Through the workshop you will learn:
  • The Interplay between our conscious/subconscious mind & the metaphysical world.
  • Identifying & managing the blocks of the conscious mind, which need to be conquered to live our highest     possible potential
  • Understanding the metaphysical world & its nuances
  • The concept of energy, different frequencies & alchemy
  • Earth meditation & Higher self meditation – to access the vast source of Universal Intelligence; Relationship     healing meditation
  • Breathing techniques for managing emotional charges and to balance the mind & body
  • Physical body Relaxation & Appreciation trance
  • Physical body rejuvenation exercises.
The unique feature of this workshop is the SIMPLICITY & PRACTICALITY of instant energization and relaxation techniques.
Stepback and take a peak beyond mundane physical existence, understand the working of the mind, purpose of the soul and embrace your multi-dimensionalism!
Event Facilitator:
Toral is a student of Life! She is a Certified and Trained Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection® practitioner; Is a Qualified Teacher with The Diana Cooper School (UK) for Golden Atlantis and a Past Life Regression Therapist & Hypnotherapist
Click Here to read more about Toral
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