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  WESAK 2013 posted on April 25, 2013  
From a Spiritual perspective, Wesak is the highpoint of incoming Spiritual energies into the planet. It is a time of initiation and massive Spiritual growth.
This is the most powerful & sacred Full Moon of the Year when Humanity & our Mother Earth receive the highest frequency of Light, & expansions of Consciousness are possible beyond that which is possible at other times.
In 2013, Wesak occurs on Thursday April 25/26, 2013
@19:57 GMT April 25/ 01:27am IST April 26 (peak 8 minutes of light dispensation).
(celebrated in some Buddhist cultures on Friday May 24/25, 2013)
When the moon is full in the constellation of Scorpio and the sun is in Taurus (usually the full moon in May), this world-wide event takes place!
In the East, the Wesak Full  Moon commemorates, the Birth, Enlightenment & Ascension into the Higher Planes of Lord Buddha.
As the Legend says, Wesak is held on the inner planes, the  inner spiritual planes of the Earth through the portal of the Wesak Valley in Tibet. At the time of the Taurus full moon, the Buddha descends in the Wesak Valley – a mystical place high in the Himalayas each year, bringing a new light of spiritual energy and clear vision to our world. At this time a door is opened, a veil is lifted, and great experiences of consciousness are possible.
It is a time when Buddha, the Light, joins with Christ, the world teacher of Love, and with Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion & Mercy. They come together to evoke spiritual energy.
This cosmic alignment occurs during the eight minutes centered on the moment of the Wesak Full Moon & this celestial dispensation continues for three days following the day of the full moon & the two days preceding the full moon are a time we clear up and prepare to receive this dispensation.     
Wesak is the perfect time to recommit to your Spiritual path and awakening.
Our Divine purpose is to serve.
We fulfill that purpose by transforming our consciousness into a force of love and light and power.
When we transform our consciousness, we transform the magnetic field that our consciousness radiates, and as we change what we radiate, we change the world around us, since we are all connected in the greater field of our planet, solar system and universe.
Tonight before you sleep, ask to be taken to the Wesak Valley and to receive the Divine Dispensation.
It is a night of transmission, illumination & transformation.
Meditate on the beauty, fullness & light of this Full Moon and may it illuminate our path ahead…
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