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  RIDING THE FULL MOON SURF posted on April 03, 2012  
  The April 6, 2012 Full Moon focuses on Relationships. Remember, an issue you have with someone, is an issue you are having with a part of yourself :) Leggo the inner conflicts and build a loving relationship with all of you!
  Guru Purnima Day posted on July 2,2012
  FULL MOON: Full Moons and Endings... posted on Apr 3,2012
    Make a conscious transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of     Aquarius!
  FULL MOON: Time for Celebrating Closure/Endings    exercise posted on Dec 09,2011
  FULL MOON: Full Moon - Cosmic opportunity to CLEAN! :) posted on Jun 14,2012
     (making your lists and letting go!)
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