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  THE VIOLET FLAME posted on June 26,2012  
• The Violet Flame is a flame of Purification.
• It is a GIFT to all Souls in Embodiment who choose to raise their frequencies in these times we call the    ‘Ascension’.
• It is a wonderful too to clear discordant energies in persons, places and situations, clearing and holding    them in the highest light for consciousness to clear and shift to a new perspective of lighter and higher    frequency.
• The Violet Flame can be used to dissolve redundant, stagnant & heavy thought forms, relationship conflicts    and any stuck or misaligned energy.
The Spiritual Hierarchy initiated a 25 year period of purification to prepare for December 2012 & at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 St. Germain obtained a dispensation from Source for the Violet Flame of Transmutation to be returned for the use of all humanity.
As the consciousness of people rose, the Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony merged with the Violet Flame in 1998, creating the SILVER VIOLET FLAME. When this is invoked, dense & stagnant energy is not only transmuted but also replaced with something beautiful of a higher frequency.
In 2006 the Gold Flame was added. This is the energy of the angels, the Christ Light and Wisdom.
THE GOLD & SILVER VIOLET FLAME transmutes, brings in something beautiful and raises the entire situation to a fifth dimensional level.
To invoke it call it from the Universe. Flames of gold, silver & every shade of violet will surround you and then go to the place or person to which you send it.
The Violet Flame is very powerful, use it with the highest integrity. As you use it, be aware that you are helping to raise Earth & everyone on it to the Fifth Dimension.
• Invoke it mentally. ‘I now invoke the power and light of the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame.’
• Think about it, visualize it, imagine it or sense it. Picture all the colours dancing and blazing.
• Ask it to move in front of you during the day, purifying your pathway.
• Send it to people who are sick.
• Use it to transmute your anger, fear, redundant energy.
• Send it to heal disharmony in relationships or any discordant situations.
• Send it to places to purify the energy of war and disruption.
• Send it to your body where you hold physical blocks.
• Send it down phone lines or the internet to purify the web.
• Send it to the astral planes to help stuck souls who have not passed over.
Sweep the Violet Flame through us! (3times)
Oh Mighty I AM!
Sweep the Violet Flame through us! (3times)
Give Thy Command!
Sweep the Violet Flame through us! (3times)
Increase it each hour!
Sweep the Violet Flame through us! (3times)
Love, Wisdom & Power!
Sweep the Violet Flame through us! (3times)
Blaze the Violet Flame through us!
Drive the Violet Flame through us!
Spin the Violet Flame through us!
Flood the Violet Flame though us!
Sing the Violet Flame through us!
Love the Violet Flame through us!
I am the being of Violet fire, I am the Purity my Lord Desires...
In connection in purification,
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