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About Us
‘Ishayas’ is dedicated to the expansion of consciousness; Wiping the scales of ignorance away from the eyes of humanity by seeking direct experience of the nature of one’s own being.
Through the spreading of awareness of 'the one source', we encourage fellow beings to embrace a script for life that allows for ‘Ascension’ beyond the veils of the ego and limited physical reality, to take hold and unfold.
A literal definition of ‘Ascension’ is to climb or soar upwards. Our spiritual evolution in human embodiment, throught this physical existence, also ascends, as we raise our consciousness and awareness.
Our Symbol (logo) signifies – ‘Evolutionary Fulfillment’. This symbol when focused upon shall redirect one's dream for the journey home after a complete experience of this physical plane. It dissipates dense thought form, machinery & redundant belief systems bringing one's dream into alignment with the choice to ascend.
The Sanskrit word 'Ishaya' derives from 'Isha', which has many levels of meaning including, - ‘The aspect of the One that destroys ignorance’, ‘The Lord of evolving consciousness’, and ‘Christ’. ‘Christ’ was call ‘Isha’ when he travelled to India and Tibet.
Ishayas was established on May 27, 2010 which was ‘Wesak’ poonam (when Christ & Buddha meet in the Wesak valley of the Himalayas)
Our path lies in bringing in an awakening of the essence of Christ Consciousness - Universal Love, thru the essence of Buddha’s wisdom and light.
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Ascension & the Evolution of Consciousness through Enlightenment for all of humanity.
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FOUNDER - TORAL VITHALANI - A student of life...
About Toral:
Toral H Vithalani
Toral - unfolding from a modern-day eternal gypsy travelling through life, time & consciousness, to melting into being, such has been her journey.

She heads JTB TRAVELS, servicing customized travel since 25 years and she is a design partner in LOTUS SUTRA, an exclusive line of sacred energies jewellery created for Cosmic Heart Gallery. While exploring different lands, people, cultures and traditions. she found herself searching for more and this started her on a journey inwards. She was seeking a permanent feeling of rest and 'home', a place where she would not have to search anymore, a place where she could 'Be' - the magnificent, omnipresent, eternal.

Following her quest for the purpose of our existence, the drive for higher spiritual consciousness, passion for unlocking frequencies & awakening to Self - the direct experience of Truth... she explored, experienced & integrated the gifts of various paths, all of which eventually melted into the Wholeness.

She seeded ISHAYAS along the path of her inner journey, through which she facilitates gatherings dedicated to the Awakening of Consciousness, Ascension & Evolutionary Fulfillment, and offers individual sessions on Alternate Healthcare & Wellbeing.
Today she ardently follows the pointings of Zen Advait Master Mooji, and other realised Masters of the advaita tradition who expound the 'knowledge of Self', the direct experience of Truth.
Toral is a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner & The Reconnection Certified Practitioner since 2010. Toral is also a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist certified by the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing, Switzerland in 2015.
Her passion for sharing this work with clients and friends stems from her personal experience of their contribution to a quantum leap in her awareness & perception of the dance of life & beyond.
Her journey initially commenced with multiple Vipassana camps. In the past she has trained as a Past Life Regression Therapist & Hypnotherapist certified by the California Hypnosis Institute of India and is a qualified teacher with the Diana Cooper School for Golden Atlantis.
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